Virtual Staffing

In response to new work space dynamics, WebNoesis provides Virtual Staffing solution for your short term or long term requirements.

Currently, we offer Virtual Staffing services for complete bookkeeping solution, software development, IT support desk, server management and dedicated data entry staff, but our solution is flexible enough to accommodate ever-changing needs of our customers.

Where is Virtual Staffing Suitable?

  • Day-to-day bookkeeping jobs
  • Executive assistance
  • Dedicated software development
  • IT help desk and support
  • Data entry jobs
  • Digital catalogs conversions
  • Customer support for midsize eCommerce stores

Why choose Virtual Staffing?

By opting for our virtual staffing solution, you get dedicated staff to handle your work. When we appoint human resources for you, we ensure that the manpower assigned to you possess all the required qualification to handle your job, at the same time you will have complete control over the resources allocated to you. It means that all your work will be done by a qualified professional with the highest priority.

Our commitment

  • Dedicated and skilled workforce
  • High availability network
  • Complete data security
  • Fixed price benefit